01 July 2009

New and Improved Site

This is the project that I've been working on in all my spare time for the past few months. It is accompanying a brand new promotional campaign I have now too. It has a lot more info on the projects than before, with better quality images and coding. Please let me know any comments, criticisms, or problems you have. Thanks.

The portfolio pages feature print design, web design, and illustration pages. The arrows slide to show more pieces. When you click each thumbnail, a larger screen pops up with more info on the project.

The popup screen gives more information on the project such as descriptions , a larger image, and my role in the project.

The web popup screen features a link to the live site (if possible).

The about page has testimonials, a portrait, and information about myself and my clients.

The journal page features my current art blog.

On my contact page you can find my email and telephone as well as links to my pages on sites like linkedin, blogger, twitter, facebook, etc.

1 comment:

Hannah Choi said...

Cooool. A lot more intense than your last one.