25 April 2007


this is thebeginning of the comic i've been working on for my sequential class. it's about a poet who decided he doesn't want to live in the real world anymore so he decides to live in a department store. little does he know, there is already a society in not only his department store, but in every other department store. he is discovered by this society, and eventually the matriarch allows him to stay. he then meets and ends up falling in love with the maid of the matriarch, who is only a girl of 18, who had fallen asleep in the department store when she was a little girl. there is always a threat of "the darkmen" who are the people that live in the undertaker's. they come to department stores when there is a burglar or a troublesome person. they take them to the butcher's shop and fill them with wax and turn them into mannequins. this is my first page so far.

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